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The city has a Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summer temperatures and mild winters. Annually, the temperature varies from 6 degrees Celsius to 29 degrees and is rarely higher than 31 or lower than 1 degree. Rain falls year-round but is variable.

The warm season extends from June to September, when the average high temperature sits at around 26 degrees Celsius. This is a popular time in the city as visitors take flights to Lamezia Terme to enjoy the pleasant weather.

The colder weather begins in November and extends until March, with average daily temperatures generally below 17 degrees. February is the coldest month in the city, with average lows of around 6 degrees. At the beginning of winter, temperatures are mild and it is a great time for beach walks, hikes and enjoying the views. A visit to one of the wine or produce farms in the area is an ideal way to enjoy the colder months in the region. Accommodation rates tend to be lower and cheap flights to Lamezia are more available during the cooler months.

City overview

Lamezia Terme is a city located in Calabria, Italy. It offers tourists and locals a historic city to wander through and soak up some of its intriguing past but also a city of romance, nightlife and outdoor entertainment. The Castle in Lamezia offers a glimpse into life in the 1100's. Built by Greek colonists, today the ruins are a popular tourist landmark. The Bastion of the Knights of Malta is a watchtower which dates back to 1550. The Abbey of the 40 Martyrs has an interesting history and was created in the 9th and 10th century. It is still an active abbey. For lovers of art and culture, the Diocesan museum houses an Arab-Norman ivory case from the 12th century, and art from the 17th to 18th century.

Numerous churches dot the city and include Saint Pancrazio's church, which houses Mattia Preti's pictures, statues and frescoes. Italians often eat dinner quite late at night and a good choice of restaurants is on offer in the city. Clubs and discos are popular, for those who want to sample Italy's nightlife. Travellers who book flights to Lamezia Terme in search of some outdoors activities will be pleased to find mountain climbing, hiking and skiing all available in the city. Paragliders will also enjoy Lamezia for its opportunities to take to the skies.

Don’t board your flight home without trying the ice cream and pizza; it’s quite unlike anywhere else!

Getting around Lamezia Terme

Once in the city, you can use buses, taxis and rental cars to get around or stay eco-friendly and ride a bicycle.

Getting from the Airport to the City

If you take a flight to Lamezia Terme International Airport (SUF), you can make your journey to the city either by bus, taxi or the local rail service. Airport transfers, shuttle buses and rental cars are also available to take you from the airport to the city.

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