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Monaco overview

Cheap flights to Monaco are probably not the first thing the super-rich put at the top of their list when considering a move to this tiny principality, but luckily for the rest of us, a host of low-cost airlines fly to Nice, the nearest airport.

France surrounds Monaco on three sides; the Mediterranean Sea is to the east. Perhaps its greatest attraction for racing-car drivers, sports stars, captains of industry and City high-flyers is its zero percent individual tax rate. Its almost year-round sunshine and the glamour of having a royal family don't hurt either.

Monaco has been ruled by the House of Grimaldi since 1297, when François Grimaldi captured the fortress protecting the Rock of Monaco disguised as a Franciscan monk, but it was the 1956 marriage of Hollywood actress Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier that helped put it on the map. Today, Prince Albert II, their son, rules.

The principality's best sight is the Palace - the changing of the Guard takes place daily, and the state apartments are open June to September - although there is that famous casino in Monte Carlo and all those swanky hotels, spas, beaches and other leisure facilities.

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Monaco climate

Monaco enjoys long, sunny summers with little rain and average temperatures of 28 degrees. Winters are generally mild, if wet. Temperatures fall to 10 degrees or so in December and January.

When to fly to Monaco

Peak season:

Monaco’s season runs from April through October with July and August the most popular months. There are fairs, festivals, and celebration nearly every day of the high season.

January’s Rallye Automobile Monte Carlo also draws crowds, as does the Grand Prix in May. If you plan on visiting during the Grand Prix, book Monaco flights and make arrangements far in advance, including tickets for watching the race. In April, Monte Carlo hosts the Le Festival International de la Télévision.

Off season:

The low season is November through March with less traffic, fewer tourists, but plenty to see and explore.

Getting around Monaco

When your flight to Monaco lands, you can take a taxi, charter bus or train to get downtown. The city is easily seen on foot, but you can hop on one of the five bus lines that run between the beaches and local landmarks. You can also take one of the seven "elevators" to different parts of Monaco.

Monaco insider information

  • The Prince’s Palace State Apartments are open to the public between June and October and boast: the Italian-style gallery, the Louis XV Salon, Throne Room, Palatine Chapel, Sainte-Marie Tower from where the Prince’s standard flies when he is in residence, and the Main courtyard.
  • The Place du Palais offers stunning views of the Port and Monte-Carlo. At 11:55am each day, the changing of the guard takes place in front of the Palace’s main entrance. The “Carabiniers” have been performing the ceremony for more than a century. Admission to the Place is free.
  • The tiny principality has several museums including Automatons and Dolls of Yesteryear, Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium, Naval Museum and the Wax Museum of the Princes of Monaco.
  • The “Azur Express” Tourist Train departs from the Oceanographic Museum and passes the Monaco Port, Monte-Carlo and its Palaces, the Casino and gardens, as well as the Old Town and Prince’s Palace.
  • Monaco’s casino – Monte-Carlo Casino in Place du Casino - is world famous. The beautiful building was designed by Charles Garnier, who also designed Paris’s opera house. The casino is open daily, but operas, ballets and concerts have also been staged here. Across from the casino are the Casino Gardens and Terraces. Admission to the gardens is free.
  • The newest part of the principality is Fontvieille. The waterfront area was reclaimed from the sea, and is home to a harbour, stadium and sports complex (Louis II Stadium), industrial zone and shops.
  • Gardens: the Princess Grace Rose Garden is close to the Fontvieille Park and has 4,000 rose trees. The Japanese Garden covers 23,000 square feet and admission is free from 9am until sunset. The Exotic Garden, opened in 1933, has several thousand plant varieties. Admission is free. Below the gardens – 200 feet below – are the Observatory Caves.

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