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Santorini is as perfect in person as it is in the pictures. Located 125 miles southeast of mainland Greece, flights to Santorini are easy and quick, offering travellers optimal time on the exquisite island. If the white-washed houses don’t take your breath away, the red sand beaches are sure to leave you speechless.

While Santorini promotes its share of luxury, the island is also true to its roots. The food in Santorini is mostly made of the island’s agricultural products and the rich soil is a secret ingredient to the area’s notable wines. After you’ve wined and dined, take some time to explore the island. The museums tell the history of Santorini and the nightlife is famous around the world. Enjoy breakfast on the balcony of your Santorini hotel room overlooking the beaches before hitting the town for a day of shopping. From archaeological sites to days at the beach, there’s plenty to do on this idyllic island.

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Santorini insider information

  • Santorini is a hot-spot during the summer months. If you want a relaxing vacation, avoid flights to Santorini during July and August. The island is bursting at the seams with visitors and it's nearly impossible to move through the streets. For a quieter holiday, visit the island in the spring and autumn months.
  • The beaches are breathtaking. Don't miss a trip to "Red Beach". As the name suggests, the beach's red sand is the focal point. It's an unbelieveable sight -- the red volcanic rocks serve as the backdrop to the red sand that flows out into the blue Aegean Sea. The combined colours are like nothing you've ever seen before.
  • Wine loves should take a tour of The Wine Museum. The Volcan Wines winery hosts this museum, where visitors can get an in-depth look at Santorini wine production from the past few centuries. You might enjoy a wine tasting or two while you're there.

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